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Sanitary Sewer

Kennedy Pipeline provides Sanitary Sewer installations in the area allowing for sewer to be safety directed to appropriate places. Sewer treatment centers in California, produce rich soils and fuel for our farmers and organizations who develop most of our daily necessities and exports. Most sewer systems are gravity drawn systems although sometime the sewer system is below its designated grade creating a need for sewer lift stations and sewer force mains, all of which Kennedy has extensive experience installation.

Storm Drain

Kennedy Pipeline has been involved with multiples storm drain system installations over the years, from 4 inch diameter to 144 inch diameter. We install storm drain systems made of Concrete, PVC, DIP and Cast Iron piping. Along with the mainline piping most often there are energy dissipaters, rip rap structures, footing and under drains that Kennedy has a vast history of installing.

Domestic and Reclaimed Water

Kennedy Pipeline installs domestic and reclaimed water systems, providing the communities and cities in the area. These services, bring fresh drinking water to homes, businesses, park drinking fountains, private and public swimming pools and some irrigation systems. The domestic waterline are also the convenient supply of water to fire hydrant and building fire sprinkler systems in buildings. These fire systems also include assemblies such as backflow devices, FDC's and PIV', which Kennedy can provide service for as well. The reclaimed systems are used for irrigation systems, keeping the lush greenbelts, California is known for green and vibrant. Irrigation services can be provided for home or business owners as well.

Storm Water Detention and Retention 


Kennedy has experience some of the most current technology in storm water pollution and waste prevention in the industry. Today, city enforced ordinances and applications for federal grants require harvesting of storm water. These units are enormous yet invisible as a finished product, sometime only exposing a 12"x12" inlet and below providing a capacity capable of retaining 80% of the average rainfall in the specified area of development. These units are wide spread from water harvesting, water detention systems, water retention, water percolation systems, including instream clarifiers, baffles, and weirs. The technology is designed to conserve natural water waste, prevent ocean and lake pollution as well as preventing blockages in the storm drain systems which lead to floods and failure in the subsurface infrastructure

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